The Journal

EM’s Web Journal is both an online journal and a creative portfolio. Though not a professional, EM strives to do her best to give readers a worthwhile read and visually appealing photographs.

But above all else, this Journal is a testimony. As a 21st century follower of Jesus (Oh yes, I’m a Christian 😀 ), it’s a good exercise to keep a record of God’s work in my life, big or small. The most that He did for me was to die on the cross for my sins. Putting up a blog and telling His story and greatness is the least that I can do.

Praise Jesus!

Behind the Journal

EM is the acronym for Elizah Marie, the complete first name of the blogger behind this blog. But most of her social media accounts have @elizah_delarosa user names.

EM is in the pursuit of reflecting the Creator’s love.

EM is female. Born, raised, and will most probably continue to live in the Philippines – the home of Tamaraws, the world’s biggest pearl, and a lot of awesome tropical stuff.

EM has really bad social skills, so bear with her shyness and just, go ahead, send her an email or something. She’ll surely love that.

EM doesn’t know how to bike. She’s terrified of every dark-colored crawling insect. She has no favorite color. She’s a fan of One Direction. She dreams of owning a huge garden someday.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your stay in the blog.

God bless you!

Proud Member


6 thoughts on “What’s this Journal?

  1. Hi Em. Welcome to my newjerusalem blog. I hope you will find some spiritual nourishment. I am open to your comments or questions or suggestions for future posts. Contact me on the blog or

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