Blog Hiatus

What happened to this journal?

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Beyond Sea Level

An ocean does not go forever,
it ends as the shore begins.
The sadness that you feel is temporary
even if they echo from eternity.

An ocean does not go forever,
it ends as the shore begins.
Waves might eat you up until your belly
but they cease as soon as it reaches land

An ocean does not go forever,
it ends as the shore begins.
Transcend upon the present
embrace whatever the future brings.

A Pair of Eyes.

In a passing, bleak moment
The eyes dart
To multiple directions

In search for something, someone
That would lend a coin
To the starving child

But the eyes remain to dart back and forth
And what it gives to the beggar
Is a passing, bleak stare


“Growing up never ends”

Have you ever come across a blog filled with emotional posts? We all did, at some point. This blog, in fact, started out like that – emotional and narcissistic.

Blogging, I’ve realized, can be more that. Instead of belting out our frustrations and hatred about this world, why not turn it around?

So starting today, I’ve decided to pursue this idea inside my head. I hereby present you the #Adulting.

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The Need to Rebuild

 “…  a time to tear down and a time to build”

-Ecclesiastes 3:3 (NIV)

This blog’s been a witness to my silence. In fact, the latest post I’ve had is a photo essay due long ago. And there are other things I’ve yet to publish and share. So many things.

I betrayed my self – again. So much has passed: A trip to Bohol, a thesis about to be done, a new job, another flourishing job, an awesome family, and wrecked social life, a friend who said goodbye.

Things mentioned above are worth a blog post (at least in my own perspective). But I haven’t written anything. I haven’t written at all.

There’s something wrong.

I’ve stopped trying to figure out what.

I must just be tired. I am tired.

But I can’t remain this way. To the reader of this post, I’m telling you, there’s so much rebuilding to be done.