“Growing up never ends”

Have you ever come across a blog filled with emotional posts? We all did, at some point. This blog, in fact, started out like that – emotional and narcissistic.

Blogging, I’ve realized, can be more that. Instead of belting out our frustrations and hatred about this world, why not turn it around?

So starting today, I’ve decided to pursue this idea inside my head. I hereby present you the #Adulting.

#Adulting is my newest blog series, and yes, the first one. This series chronicles my attempts to outgrow my immaturity and slowly grow the habits of a legit “adult”. But ultimately, this series is about the grace of our God that remains sufficient even in my lowest, darkest point as a person and His follower.

I just turned 18 this year, and yes, life is tough. And it’s definitely going to get tougher soon. But in the 18 brief years I’ve lived, God has always remained faithful. And even as I journey this life as an adult, I know that He’ll remain faithful still.

So take an inside look at how life could go crazy and blessed at the same time. Who knows, you might just be #Adulting too. Growing up is never spent alone. I’d be glad if you share this journey with me.


God bless you,


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