You know what I did. Or more precisely, what I didn’t 

And what’s worse, I don’t even feel an ounce of guilt. But I’ll say sorry anyway.

So last month, I challenged myself to post pending blog entries. Check this blog post to know what I’m talking about. If in case I failed to do so, I obliged myself to abstain from Ice Cream at ALL cost (yeah, it’s as silly as it sounds).

Since you’re reading an Apology Note, I guess you know what happened. I completed at least up to number 2, and there were 5 posts to complete. Talk about lazy bloggers.

I apologize. I am sorry. And yes, I am not supposed to eat Ice Cream for the WHOLE (VERY LOOOONG) month of AUGUST.

Lesson learned? Irresponsibility will soon snatch you of your lawful human right to eat Ice Cream.

Just kidding. So what did this teach me?

  1. Don’t take commitments if current situations show that you can’t stand up for it.
  2. Not feeling guilty doesn’t mean that your sinless. You just don’t feel it, but it’s there. Trust me.
  3. If trapped in a string of unmet obligations, and there is nothing you can do to compensate for them, an apology might be the only thing that can save you from humiliation.
  4. Be ready for the consequences. They are as bad as “NO ICE CREAM FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST.”
  5. Think before you commit or declare promises. Think. Think. Think.

(Can you really do that? Do you have enough time to do that project? Aren’t you supposed to write that Thesis proposal that’s been pending for already a week? Do you even have enough money? When was the last time you had 8 hours of sleep? ARE YOU SURE YOU CAN DO THAT?)

Yup, that kind of thinking helps sometimes.

The real nugget of wisdom found here is this: Human commitments are limited.

Human commitments are limited.

No matter how honest or diligent a person can be, there is no assurance that the promises we’ve given can be met. Humans are confined by a lot of factors like time, availability if resources, space, or circumstance.  They serve as qualifications that need to be considered before committing to anything. And if left unmet, these criteria will stop us from doing what we’ve vowed to do.

And in my case, publishing pending blog posts.

Humans are emotional. Sometimes, emotional forces push us into doing or saying things we’re not fully capable of. I must have felt utterly desperate that I posted such craziness in the blog (Ew!).

But hey, people change and grow. Let us not be controlled by our fickle feelings.

To end all these, I wish all of us a more matured perspective about commitments and promises.

P.S. I ate Ice Cream.

I told you ahead of time. I didn’t feeling an ounce of guilt.


God bless all of us.

We need to grow up. Children are inherently cute. But oldies who pretend to be one are the exact opposite: Nasty.

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