At the last day of internship, I left the office at around 8 in the evening. My story wasn’t published yet because I submitted late. The next day, I surfed through, and I found my story in the most hidden part of the site.

To an online journalist, much more an intern, finding one’s story at such area of isolation means only one thing: the story didn’t make impact because it was published late.

Online journalism is about speed. Had my story been written and completed earlier, someone would have already clicked the link to my story and read it.

It works that way. The news website who gets to publish first gathers more readers. This is where speed and competence are highly required from online journalists. My last story proved that I didn’t have both.

But then, working fast isn’t everything. I’ve learned too, that a journalist must work smart, especially on field. We don’t just write stories. We tweet, we take videos, and we ask questions. The list goes on.

Judgment matters as well. It is election season after all and suspicious groups supporting this candidate and that are hungry for media attention. An Intern like me would have fallen into such easy stories, but thanks to the editors, we know what to cover and what not to.

Being ready is also a plus. The race on who posts first on social media sites are tight. Having all the tools and a fast internet speed can change lives.

Given all those duties, online journalism also has this thrill that is both addicting and stressful. But then, it’s always worth the try. And I’m glad that I did.

In less than a year, I would soon take my diploma and move out of the university. The question whether I’d pursue journalism or not is already in my mind. If I continue in doing things via slow-motion, I shouldn’t let the question bother me anymore. I should not pursue journalism.

But if I commit to discipline and instruction, a job in the media firms will always be at my reach. If God would allow and help me in turning things around, I know the idea is possible.

And in God’s time, hopefully, I wouldn’t be too late.


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