To be an intern is to have a sip of the job, but sometimes, we eagerly take gulps.


El Nino has had enough time to ravage Central Visayas for a few days now. We all have been waiting for some rain, some miracle.

For me, there is this other miracle I’m waiting to happen: a memorable Internship Period.

I have been hoping for the good things to come: good stories, generous sources, food at press conferences, etc. But my hopes haven’t been that high since. This school requirement left me dry –  thirsty for some sort of spark or excitement.

What My Intestines have been Screaming:

Lately I’ve had more time for tears and emotional breakdowns. My spirit goes faint after every coverage. My head is full of envy over batch mates that score a front page story. My hands have long forgotten the pleasure of pressing letters in the keyboard. The inspiration has expired. I am merely meeting requirements, I am no longer  serving as a diligent intern at the wonderful company that took me in.

I want this to end. But I cannot. I must not.

Post Script:

For in my lowest point, God proved to me that He is able. The challenges I face are not to be fought alone; victory is with Christ, not with my abilities. Every situation is a lesson turned inside out. I can only go forward, despite the loss of inspiration.

Before I fall asleep, I’ll tell my heart to hold on a bit longer. To just let the tears fall and emotions break in all directions. To allow my spirit to learn from every mistake. To be happy for others. To love writing as it is, minus all the romanticism. To find hope and happy stories while I meet requirements.

Heart, be still. God is able.

The Miracle?

While I’m writing this post, a silent rushing has found its way to my earphone-covered ears. For the first time, after a very long time, rain has hit the ground.

The miracle is in surviving, and it only came through Christ.

Grow in the Faith 🙂




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