“I still believe in heroes”
-Nick Fury (The Avengers, 2012)

DISCLAIMER: I believe you’ve seen the movie. So I will not spare you from spoilers anymore.

Yes, Spider Man was Cap, for about, 1 minute? 😀

Even if I’m not in to super hero movies and comic books (bec. yeah, I’m more into Korean Films), I’ll admit that Captain America: Civil War was a real breath of fresh air, considering that most super hero movies are always about heroism and love of country and etc…

Why? Civil War tackles some things other movies of the same genre forget, or give a little light to.

Let me sum it up in three little nuggets.

1. It’s a war, and no one ever wins in wars.

You only have two options: Live or Die.

Spolier Alert: Iron Man DID NOT DIE (Yehey!)

Going back, the film has successfully reminded me of that. Even if the Avengers won in battles over aliens and other creatures, a lot of civilians still died, and evil is still lurking around. They never really won, and evil was never really defeated (plus, villians are upgrading: from aliens to wierd computer programs, you name it.)

2. Enemies are tricky. They fool you into thinking that friends areenemies, and enemies friends.

Spoiler alert: Black Widow and Archer (Who’se Archer?), joke! Black Widow and Hawk Eye ARE STILL FRIENDS.

Relationships are built on trust. It must have been difficult for the Avengers to trust Black Widow, right? But still, they trusted her. Because they are friends . . . right?

But because of internal conflicts, enemies are given way to poison friendships. the same thing happend to into the film. Want to know what happened? Then go ahead, watch the movie!

3. Secrets need to be disclosed in the right time.

To keep it short, one of the reasons why Tony Stark ALMOST died, is that Captain America thought that the secret he was keeping about the death of Stark’s parents should be kept forever.

The truth is, all secrets (including yours and mine) will be disclosed in their own rightful time. In the movie, Captain America wanted to protect Stark, so he decided to keep the secret a secret, forever.

In the end, it protected no one, and it only made thigs worse. So if you think that secrets can be kept forever, I’m telling you now that they won’t. One way or another, they will find their way out into the surface.

P O S T     S C R I P T

Captain America: Civil War is good movie. It has all the humor Marvel Comics are known for. Life lessons are present too. Qoutable qoutes are thrown from character to character. And yes, someone died.

In terms of infrastructures, the movie, I guess, had blown some buildings again. I mean, what super hero movie did not, at least, pulvurize government property? I think almost all did, at some point.

So what is this post script really about, anyway?

All that I’m trying to say is that YOU SHOULD GO AND WATCH THE MOVIE YOUR SELF. i am not shouting at you. I am simply asking.

Please, watch it. It’s fun. .Really

S U P E R    P O S T     S C R I PT

I would like to thank SM SeaSide for their pure awesomeness in the advance screening they allowed me to attend to. Also, Richard Abad of bisayafilms.blogspot.com too, for being so considerate and patient. Also, for the cool band of bloggers who watched Civil War with me. They’re coolness brought El Nino to its knees.



Photos from the Wires and Marvel FB pages


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