In just a week or so, the student life will finally take a halt. The beach is calling for hungry divers and I bet you’re one of them. However, school won’t let you off the hook that easily. Every student must have to survive the so-called “Final Days”.

How? Let  a college drop-out teach you. ( I’m joking :D. I am not a drop-out)


During these times, our bodies are more susceptible to stress and fatigue. So before you embark on your academic battles, be sure to relax. Your body will be needing more sleep, so get as much sleep as you can.

A lot of studies show that people who have a good night sleep work more efficiently compared to those who were up all night.

This TED Ed video is a must watch.


Proverbs 14:23 (TNIV)

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

When it’s time for work, work. Let the fun resume when it’s time to relax, but during working hours, be sure to work hard  and fast. Do not procrastinate. And most importantly, be focused.

It is difficult to discipline one ’s self if it is used to working lazily. But I’m telling you, the sacrifice will prove to be fruitful. Once the job is done and when you’re finally holding the finished product, your heart will be filled with humility, knowing that the project did not come into being if it weren’t for hard work



T E A M   W O R K


Being a martyr demands timing. And doing school projects are probably the worst times to become one.

If it’s a group work, then let it be a group work. Being a martyr during these times will not help. Not only that you encourage your teammates to be lazy, you’re also putting yourself in a very dangerous position. What if the project came out with a bad score? Then you’ll end up shouldering all of the blame.

Let group work serve its purpose: to learn together. If the results are good, thank God and celebrate, but if the results are bad, thank God still, at least, you’ve learned the lesson together.


P R A Y.  B E L I E V E. S U R V I V E.

Matthew 19:26 (TNIV)

Jesus looked at them and said, “With human beings this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

If you think that the exam you’re about to take is so difficult  that you’ll end up bloodless after it, well, I guess your over-thinking.

Yes, there will be difficult exams or projects in this academic warfare. But, remember that the Creator is bigger than any of those things. If He can create the universe in 7 days and was, and is, able to raise the dead, how much more is that project!

Take heart, student. Let go and let God. I’m not saying that you let God answer the exam. What I mean is that you trust Him, as you honestly and diligently take the exam or make the project.

Rest assured that in the end of the term, you’ll be wiser. You may not get the perfect score, but at least you learned the value of honesty and faith. Maybe in your next try, you’ll get a better score.


. . . A N D   W H A T   E L S E ?

  • Bring your weapons, I mean, your school stuff.
  • Always, always PLAN ahead
  • Don’t forget to eat.
  • Don’t be messy. Organize
  • Budget money and time wisely.
  • Respect others. You are not the only one beating deadlines too.


P O S T    S C R I P T

Ok, I’m not a drop-out. I’m like every one of you. Enrolled in a university, and barely passing exams and quizzes. I go home exhausted after school and am usually doped on caffeine.

I’m not extra-ordinarily smart, and I have less than a thousand friends on facebook. Yet I manage to survive.

I survive because I don’t carry burdens alone. Jesus Christ is my shepherd and my fortress. In Him I take refuge. He will not drive away those who call with pure intentions. And most importantly, He loves unconditionally.

I hope that you survive the “Finals Week” with Him, and not just with your own strengths.

God bless 😀


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