If you really think of it, I haven’t really left you.

At times, I’d be patiently waiting for you to come by and sit with me during rides to school. And even if I know you’re not coming, I’d still look out to the window to see that maybe, you’re there.

When I walk home, I wish that you’d be hanging out with your friends at the bench near our door step. In that way, You’d see me, I’d see you. Maybe you’ll change your mind at leaving me.

I have a lot of examples to tell, but I’d run out of paper. I hope you realize by now that when you left, I stayed.

I am still here.


3 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. This is so sweet and sad at the same time, i know exactly what you mean in your posting I have been in the same situation and it really sucks. If this is about you I truly hope that the person wakes up and sees that you never left that you have been there waiting the entire time.


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