Like all the years I had lived before, 2015 had its perks and perils, smiles and tears. But whatever year I live in, one thing remains sure: God’s grace and mercy is sufficient for me.

1st Quarter: Rediscovering Poetry


It was just lately that I kind of halted from writing poetry. But during the first quarter of 2015, my head was just wrapped up into it. I was breathing poetry. I came to the brink of obsession with words. And even my point of view changed a bit. I started to look at life through the lenses of literature. And yes, the world simply became more colorful – vivid.

What I didn’t expect was that I would perform poetry myself. To perform is somewhat a wild fantasy of mine. And then this class project came where we had to “showcase” our talents. At first I opted to play the flute. But the tides shifted. I and my partner decide to perform poetry.

Sad thing the performance was not recorded, so I have no copy of it. But none the less, the experience was amazing.

2nd Quarter: It’s never too late in Leyte


The camp. Yes the summer camp. I have no words for it.

This is the very first Christian summer camp I’ve ever attended to. And I am simply in love with Leyte and the memories it gave me. The people were amazing. The experience is exhilarating. It was as if the heavens opened up its gates to bless the youth who attended. God was really in our midst. Metaphysically surreal.

And oh, the scenery will take your breath away. It will be a mistake if you missed going to Leyte. Trust me 😉

3rd Quarter: Journalism mode: ON


This is the reason why I kind of paused from poetry: Journalism. Not that the two are worlds apart, I simply couldn’t concentrate on the two together.

So, how in the world did journalism come into my life? The truth is I’m taking up Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts. Part of that degree program is journalism. We had to study it and make outputs, which will require concentration and time. So I did it, and enjoyed doing journalism stuff like covering events and etc.

Before, I never fancied myself to become a journalist. But now, I am starting to consider that career path. I don’t know. I’m waiting for God’s go signal.

And maybe, the 4th quarter is the go signal that I’m waiting for. Maybe

4th Quarter: You’ll never know what you’ll get.


Forest Gump was right, or at least, his Mom was. We will definitely be clueless of what we’ll get out of this life.

The 4th quarter may just be the most surprising phase of my 2015. October was full of goodbyes. November was when I traveled and fell in love. December was when I had to purposely grow up.

So much happened. I’d have to let it be. It’s sad and joyful, whole and in pieces, new but classic, beginning and the end.

But I want to remember it under a happy light


2015, is by every means, wonderful. This was the year that old lessons had to be learned through new opportunities. Relationships grew stronger as adventures grew wilder. But in every facet of that year, the love of Christ always reached and saved me.

This is the only constant, but also refreshing part of my life. When no one is left to love me, Jesus was there. When I had so much to say and no one was listening, Jesus was there. When every inspiration was gone and all there’s left to feel is sorrow, Jesus gave me hope.

And I hope you realize that too. That Jesus is all you’ll ever need in the world full of superficiality. Jesus is the star of my year despite my mistakes.

I hope He is in yours too 🙂


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