After a long while, the truth slowly sunk in. I am a blogger. HAHA

I mean, it feels a lot different now. Just this month, I signed up to become a member in Cebu Blogging Community, a network of bloggers who promote social good, and more importantly, a family that helps little bloggers like me carve their way into the chaotic internet world.

The group welcomed me warmly. First through email, where I met the awesome Jhanis, a mommy blogger (, who’s a finalist in this year’s #bloggys2015.

Then, the time came that I had to meet them in person. Orientation day arrived. I really didn’t know what to do, (most of the time, socializing events often lead me to social tragedies) so I listened and ate (the eating part was awesome).

The listening and eating moment proved fruitful. It made me know them, bit by bit, at least.

It surprised me that the people behind these amazing blogs are not snobs. They are not elitist or whatever. They were very welcoming, and more over, patient. They understand that I am a novice at these things, and they readily offered help.




I can’t wait to blog more about life. About everything. About them.

I really want to thank God for this, for them. I’m so happy I met them.


I hope they feel the same too.


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