Hello there. This post is late. Super sorry.

Just kidding/kidding just. I love being 2-armed. 😉

But really, being busy drives people to want more.

More arms on the body, more hours in a day, more sugar in coffees, more money in the wallet, more food in the fridge. More, more, more.

And I definitely wanted those things last October.  Here are the reasons:

Journalism Projects *October 1-9

The fact that I am a third year student suddenly creeps up on me when I battle against my projects (and yes, I have to kill deadlines too). Students and instructors alike had warned college kids about this year. Third year is ‘Tired Year’. Plus, I was in the most deadline-stricken degree program: Communication Arts.

Imagine writing a controversial story while doing other assignments. Not just that, I had to write features and news. Then, we had to make a website and the tangible news paper had to be printed too (I feel so blessed to have wonderful group mates). And do other stuff journalism students have to do because if we didn’t, well, our grades might land in the headlines because of being record-breakingly low.

But Hey! The memories earned compensates for all the sleepless nights.

Photo by Romiel Gallego. #CNUIntrams2015 coverage

Final Exams *October 12-16

Do I have to say anything? The words themselves evoke images of anxiety, fun, studying, and yes, nights of stacking coffee cups on the study table.

But first, let us first take a selfie ;) Photo by: Uhm, Friend?
But first, let us first take a selfie 😉
Photo by: Uhm, Friend?

Uhm, yeah. My blog *Whole October

The news literally took my breath away. Guess what, my blog got nominated in #bloggys2015! I received the email when I was in my mom’s office, so I had to suppress the squeals. Never mind me looking like a total lunatic, shaking due to excitement.

With the news in hand, my blog immediately went through a total make-over. What you see now is what I can afford as an amateur web (wanna-be) designer.

From bloggys.ph #bloggys2015
From bloggys.ph #bloggys2015

Commission | Youth Training *October 22-24

One of October’s highlights, and this was unplanned.

I was expecting two weeks of sleep-eat-sleep-eat routine, when my older sister told me that YASM (Youth Alive Student Movement), the Assemblies of God central Visayas and lower Leyte youth org, was conducting discipleship training. At first, I didn’t want to go since I was ready for the sleep-eat-sleep-eat routine of mine, but then I felt the need to attend, so I went.

Going turned out to be one of the best decisions I made. I really learned a lot from it. We discussed evangelism, sharing, prayers and other things related to the Great Commission. What’s special about this training was its focus: the search and rescue of the lost youth (and/or, the young at heart).

And by God’s grace, I became more equipped to not only serve, but to love others more deeply.



My October was quite busy, but I have to admit that I was using those activates as an excuse to run away from the things that has been haunting me. A lame excuse, I know. But a desperate prey will use anything to escape the predators.

And as I look back at it, I remember a horizon half painted with grey and orange. Half wonderful and half terrifying.

But I plan to turn things around this November. But November has its own story to tell, and I’ll definitely write about it.

God bless You ;D


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