There is so much pain
To take into consideration
If I run mile after mile after mile
For a being so tangible, yet fleeting.
I should know that, becuse
I can feel my very legs turn into jelly
After chasing mile after mile after mile
A person who had left me
Alone, with a pair of legs ready
To run the course of the whole earth
Just to no be left alone.

There is so much sadness
A runner has to feel
When all that’s left to touch
Is the crumbling pavement
To run on
And the absences of
A beutiful thing
To chase for.

There are so many things
I know I should say
To the very pair of limb, of skin, of muscle
I have as legs.
I should tell her
To stop running now.
Stop and listen to the quiet
Of the cemetery you had run behind
And reconsider the very person
You have chased and run for.
He’s no longer living. He is but a bone
To the grave yard. Forget about him.
And run for something else.

No, You should not run at all.
I say, “stand! Stand up!”
Don’t chase for someone else
Instead, start to stand up
For your self.

There is so much to think about
And my legs seem to have their very own
Mind now.
They don’t talk in protest to what I had said.
They simply go still for a moment.
As they take in air and sun
So they can run again.

I hope my legs are
Running for a better reason now.


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