Many times I’ve planned on quitting. Not just in life, but on many specific things as well.

There were days when I wanted to stop schooling because it’s becoming too pressuring for me. There were times when I wanted to walk away from people I call friends because of intense envy. I couldn’t count the moments when I wanted to disown my family for the bizarre stuff they do. My mental calendar is marked with days when I wanted to just end my life, just end my journey.

But I don’t know.


Maybe that’s the thing about love. It glues you together stronger than anything. It will make you stay, even if all you want to do is bid your goodbyes.

And because of Love, I decided to stay. The decision wasn’t solely mine. I mean, I couldn’t even love myself, what more love someone else!

This is where God comes in. Without Him, love wouldn’t be love at all.

I don’t know everything about God, let alone His mind and His plans. But I know that God loves me. God loves me.


This love is the driving force for every wonderful thing ever created. This love keeps the planets into their respective alignments. This love keeps the earth orbiting around the sun and not on something else. This love is the reason why your eyes stretch open in the morning.

This love sent the Son of God to the cross, nailing every barrier, every sin with Him, that when He rose again, all that’s left is love and an abundance of grace.

And this love makes me continue my schooling because lessons can be learned when we make mistakes. This love makes me stay with my friends as I slowly understand the variety between every human being. This love makes me supportive of my family as I appreciate my roots and my culture. This love inspires me to forgive myself whenever I feel the urge to hurt me again.

This very radical, awesome love is the same love that loves you in this very moment. So whatever battle you’re fighting for, whether be it in school or inside your heart, remember that love conquers everything.

Sin was conquered on the Cross by Jesus and I bet he can conquer your hurts too.

God Bless

-As ever, EM 🙂



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