The once dark skies light up as the sun sheds its first few beams.


The way days transition from evening to morning are one of the most spectacular shows nature play every day. But seeing someone change for the better life is indeed a more colorful and promising scene to look at.

What more if it’s your own life? Allow me to share what happened.


Days have been totally rough recently, and I mean that both literally and figuratively.

I’m getting less sleep than what my 17-year-old body deserves.  My academic life, though not bad, is not improving. Social life? Let’s not talk about it. I’ve gotten fatter after eating up my feelings. And I lost my umbrella.

And then, the weather jumps into the fun by sending heavy rains. You can just imagine me running from school straight to the Jeepney terminal (which is a 2/3 of a kilometer) in lightning speed without anything as  protection for my head. Thank God for that lovely lady who shared her umbrella with me along the way.


Well, the reasons behind the mentioned disasters are not known to me (that includes the upset weather),but I suspect that school pressure and self-loathe has something to do with this (this doesn’t have anything to do with the weather, though).

It would have been easy if I could just shun away feelings of academic impotency and wall-floweriness, but being trapped in a very competitive atmosphere had me grasping for peace and personal faith. Believe me that there’s nothing worse than feeling hopeless than being left without hope (wait, aren’t the 2 statements the same?).


And then, I’m reminded of my lover. The one who gave up His life for me when no one would even dare to do so. My source of inspiration, the reason why I hope.

I don’t care if it’s too predictable but I won’t become weary saying thanks to my lover, Jesus. Yes, the bravest person who died for me in the cross just so I could spend a forever with Him in heaven. The one who forgave me of my sins, the one who counted me worthy by grace. The one who reminded me to hope when the world tells me that there’s nothing left to hope for anymore.


Knowing that God cares for me gives me enough reason to transition from the hopeless wallflower to the empowered believer.

I have a lot to improve, but let the change be my testimony to the rest of human kind.

The transition is never easy but as long as it’s spent with the Creator, I bet the journey’s going to be worth it.



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