Hey, it’s me, EM.

I am very seriously truly sorry for the previous post. That was really crappy. As a person with half-formed skills in writing, I know I couldn’t stop myself from writing prose that is sometimes as obscure as poetry. But as all people do, I try things to learn and find something more than what I see in the outer core. So, I admit that the last post was sort of an outburst, but I definitely wouldn’t regret having it posted in my blog.

If you have time going back on that crappy post, you can read how wonderful my summer has become now that I’m spending a week in the bustling city of Cebu, but nearing its end, you’ll discover how much I miss home and the many wonders of rural living.

Well, I wrote this post to debunk the sad conclusion of that previous post. I do miss home, but I positively have much to look forward and know here in the urban. Yes, the pillows here are not mine. The skies look much smaller and farther here and you’ll mistake headlights as stars sometimes. I think that this place is messier than what I have in the province, and yes, cockroaches here are too many, too red.

But the pillows here are soft and I can sleep with it. The traffic becomes a mini-galaxy, effortlessly painting the darkness with bright yellow light – like those of the stars. I get to sweat out as I diligently clean up the trash people left behind. And yes, I sometimes lead a slaughter-spree towards cockroaches.

Tell me; is my summer in the city that bad? 😉

Before I end, see this cute photo of my cousin. Together with his siblings, they keep me busy more than my blog does.


What about you? Anything sizzling this summer? Let your fingers do the talking as you hit the comment box. I am very excited to listen to yours 🙂


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