Dear EM,


Language is not enough to express everything there is to be felt. It cannot name the many shades found in a painting. It cannot scale the notes heard in the rhythm of traffic. Language gave a description to one thirds of everything that ever existed. The remaining fraction is the nameless, wordless, ever-fleeting sound, moment, or feeling. There are so many things beyond words that the heart alone could feel and know.

Similarly, language will not be enough to tell of the many prayers I have for you. It has been a year, and I pray that you would continually grow in love and faithful towards Jesus. Be grateful of every minute of grace His love has given you: from the moment your eyes flutter in the morning and when they close at night. Fall in love with Him more and more until the day comes when you finally learn to let go of everything. Place your hopes in Him. People break hearts, and so does God. But He does so because He replaces it for a better one. And don’t forget Him when you reach a different shore, when you touch a different  hand,  when  you  inhale  a  different  scent, and when  you  make  a  new  piece  of  poetry. After all, your world and your words revolve around the one purpose He has for you: To bring glory to His name.

I also pray that you gain much reverence to words. Using them for what they mean, not for how they sound in a fancy sentence. Know what words you have to take in and what to expel. Make it your habit to eat the word of God slowly. See how God’s voice enters your cells  as  you  make  it  the  foundation  of  everything  that  you  start  and  create.  Help the universe unravel the remaining two thirds of the nameless by revealing possible answers through words and motion.

I pray that words, though seldom nice and often times brutal, be more open to you now. May she appear naked in front of you; letting her very meaning and power struck you hard and breathless, but none the less gentle and manageable.

I  pray  that  you  learn  to  look  closely  to  the  things  that  move  around.  They are metaphors disguised as a tear, a door, a bookmark, a slap, and maybe, a smile. Be sensitive to people’s feelings. Much of the unknown are found in that realm of uncertainty. They will surely send you to bed in confusion and in danger of chronic insomnias. Allow them; those are the challenges of knowing the unknown.

I pray that you focus more on people and to the many things they do and say.  A big part of literature has become a mirror to humans and their reflexes. Be part of the pool of enthusiasts who dedicate their lives documenting and polishing the reflections casted upon societal mirrors. Open new possibilities for people to learn as you learn too.

And before I end, I pray that you would continue to live life faithfully to the will of the Lord. Become wiser today than yesterday. Save your tears for things of great worth, not on those that come and go. Bottle up your smiles for better moments and in friendly introductions; never use it to fake feelings.

I also pray that you become a better version of yourself after every cry, after every heart break. Let God preserve the many good things inside you as He adds more smiles to your ever-growing gallery of memories.

Language is never enough to tell and express all the things that lay ahead of you. I know this because some things are not meant to be defined or named. Some are meant to be lived. Live this life to its highest point because there will be no second shot after this one.


Give glory to Jesus.  Open  up  the  future  and  remember  the  lessons  last  year  has thought you.


Happy 17thbirthday!



Yours always,


March 2, 2015




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