Blazing – The only word fitted to describe how figuratively ‘high’ I was last January 1 of 2015.


Of course, it was not a literal blazing where I accidentally lit my fingers on fire.  It was figurative.

Let me tell you.

My family that time was facing a crisis. Monetary Crisis.

We still are, honestly. It was the only New Years Eve where Spaghetti was not on the table. The only one when dad did not light the powerful and bright Araw.

This is the closest thing I can find in Google about Araw. Sorry
This is the closest thing I can find in Google about Araw. Sorry

The only night when I did not eat so much because I was afraid that I’d finish everything in a single meal.

Perhaps the beauty of material depravity is this: you get to value love and happiness in its most basic and authentic form. Regardless of having so little to eat and almost no presents to share with each other, we resolved to be happy. We resolved to smile and thank God for everything, and that includes the little we have and the great we are yet to gain.

So, where is the BLAZING coming from? It all came from the beautiful truth that the most valuable things in life are not bought. I had it amidst having so little. I have it because I have God. And what more could I possibly ask for?

And my reactions to extreme gratitude were these:

*Shouting* while

*Dancing* while


*Praying* while

*Waving a Binggala*

(Binggala is a Filipino Firework)

Imagine me doing all of those at once and you can actually witness a space rocket about to be lighted. I was really happy that I could feel my ears heating up. I was blazing. And I didn’t even mind my neighbors when I did those stunts.

And hey! I think I should also share to you the amazing fact that I bid goodbye to my silly habit of believing into superstitions. I did not wear something red (not even polka dots). I did not throw coins outside the door (yup, I saved them instead). And yes, I prayed (the best way to start anything).

How about you? Was your New Years Eve blazing? Or was it more?

Hit comment and tell me your story.


-Always Yours, EM

Photos from Google


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